West Midlands Chen Style Tai Chi School

Chen Style Tai Chi is the original form of Tai Chi. All other forms of Tai Chi: Yang, Wu and Sun are later developments of Chen Style Tai Chi. Originally founded by Grandmaster Chen Wangting - 7th generation of the Chen family (1600-1680) - Chen Style Tai Chi has an unbroken and direct lineage back to the source of Chen Style Tai Chi -  Chenjiagou (Chen Tai Chi Village), Henan Province, China.

The West Midlands Chen Style Tai Chi School teaches authentic and original Chen Style Tai Chi. Chen Style Tai Chi combines the Chinese medical theory of 'jingluo' (energy meridians), 'daoyin' (energy movement) and 'tu-na' (breathing techniques). 

Chen Style Tai Chi is an excellent way to exercise the body and to stimulate the internal chi energy. It is suitable for people of any age and physical ability.

Chen Style Tai Chi offers a rich range of forms and applications including: 'silk reeling' exercises, short and traditional forms as well as weapon forms.

Beginners start by learning Four Directions which is the foundation study for the Chen 11 form and the longer form - Lao Jia. Please see the Syllabus page for full details.

All club members must pay the membersip fee of £3 per year which includes student's insurance.

We are members of the:

Tai Chi Union of Great Britain                                                                                                        .           Independent Martial Art Sports Association

World Martial Arts Council

Five Thunder Chinese Martial Arts Association

Association of Martial Artists World Wide

Dr Robin Wooldridge MA BSc MIMAS

Chief Instructor.

5th Duan Tai Chi Chuan (AMAWW)

Member of the Institue of Martial Arts and Sciences

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