West Midlands Chen Style Tai Chi School

The West Midlands Chen Style Tai Chi School has a unique approach to the teaching of Tai Chi. We follow a well defined and structutred syllabus which gently introduces the student to the principles on which Chen Style Tai Chi is based. Long complex forms are kept for experienced students, whilst beginners are taught the basics through a range of short forms which can be easily learnt and practised at home. This builds the confidence of the student who will be able to learn and perform the first routines within weeks. This is when the real work begins as the student then begins to apply the internal aspects of the art which distinguishes Tai Chi from other martial arts. The School is also unique in the way that weapons are introduced at the early stages of training. Although we are a school of Chen Tai Chi we also teach aspects of Yang Tai Chi and Wu Hao Tai Chi - both of which derive from Chen Style Tai Chi.

Chen Style Tai Chi is a wonderful way to keep fit and to encourage good health; it's also a style of Kung Fu and its martial applications are taught to those advanced students who would like to explore this aspect of the art.



Silk Reeling Exercises

Five Animal Frolics Chi Gung

Eight Brocades Chi Gung

Lao Jia Four Directions (Old Frame)


Chen Style Tai Chi 11 Simplified Form

Chen Style Tai Chi 11 Traditional Form

Pushing Hands


Chen Style Tai Chi Fan Form

Wu Hao Style Tai Chi 8 Form

Yang Style Tai Chi 8 Form

Xinjia Four Directions (New Frame)


Chen Style Tai Chi Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Frame)

MWS Yang Style Tai Chi 24 Form

Wu Hao Style Tai Chi 10 Form

Chen Style Tai Chi Sabre Form

Yang Tai Chi Sword 18 form

Practical Applications

Combat Tai Chi is optional and is from 8pm-8.30pm. We will learn Master Wong System (MWS) Yang 24 Form and its applications. Please contact me for more details.

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